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Imagine yourself as a four year old, learning in a language you do not understand, about stories and things to which you cannot relate. 

This is a reality for many young children in the Chittagong Hill Tracts region of Bangladesh. There, 8 different indigenous languages are spoken . However, none of those languages are used to teach students in schools. Instead, the language of instruction used in classrooms is Bengali, a language most children in the region are not familiar with and struggle in the classroom. 

This makes learning very challenging and sets these students up for failure. 
According to UNDP report published in 2009: 
-35% students in the region drop out after second grade 
-65% students do not continue education after 5th grade 
- Only a minuscule 1.5% go beyond tenth grade 

Our Golden Hour has launched the 'Oral History Project' in order to preserve and honor the linguistic legacy of indigenous tribes in Chittagong Hill Tract while providing students there with learning materials they can relate to, in their own language. 

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